Shop Cleaning Services Bristol

When you walk into a shop do you notice how clean it is? Perhaps not consciously, but as you browse the shelves and pick up on that dirty corner or marked floor, you will soon know whether or not you are browsing through a well-kept shop.


We understand that as well as the normal day to day cleaning it’s imperative that the smaller items do not get missed, e.g. stainless steel door handles, the corners of the flooring, the polishing of mirrors and the removal of hand prints almost everywhere!

Shop Cleaning Services in Bristol, Bath, Bridgwater Across the South West

  • Your cleaner(s) are trained, have on-going management throughout their contract and work to check lists.
  • All Go Go staff are uniformed, polite and efficient.
  • If your cleaner(s) takes a holiday (or in the event of them falling ill) we have a back-up team to replace them.
  • The management at Go Go will spot-check the cleaning without prior notice to cleaner and keep in regular contact with the client. This ensures that our clients consistently get the very best quality of service.
  • Our cleaning services in Bristol are fully insured and we can provide you with COSHH.


logo_c&gWe use C&G Safety Consultants, an ISO9001:2008 Quality Assured health & safety consultancy, to ensure that the work we do on your premises complies with the neccessary laws and legislation, for your peace of mind.

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