This page is all about our policy information and to inform website visitors about the use, collection, and disclosure of personal data if anyone is interested in using GoGo Cleaning services.

Your decision to use our services means that you agree to the use and collection of information concerning this policy. The personal information that is collected by us will only be used for improving our service so as to give you a better experience.


Cookies are files that carry small amounts of information. These are stored on the ahrd drive of your computer and contain the history of the website that you visit. This is because when you revisit that website, your information of the last visit can be used to provide tailored options. Cookies are used to analyse traffic and are also used for advertising and marketing purposes.

Cookies, in no way harm your system, and are used by almost all websites.

To check or change the type of cookies you accept, you need to make some changes in your browser settings. You can easily block cookies by activating your browser settings. In case you don’t block the cookies and continue to browse, you are approving the use of cookies. If you choose to block all cookies, you might not be able to view or operate some parts of our website.

Log Data

When you visit our website, we collect data that your browser sends to us. This data is called log data. It may contain information such as your browser version, your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address, time spent on our service pages, the date and time of your visit, and other information.


We use cookies to know the use of our website whenever you visit our website. This allows us to understand the usage of our site. This further helps us to identify your needs and wants. Based on this understanding, we improve and develop our site, services and products.

Cookies are either:

Session and Persistent Cookies: Session cookies are cookies that are stored on your computer during your web session, but get automatically deleted when you close your browser. They do not collect any personal information or data from your computer. They normally store an anonymous session ID that allows you to browse a website without any login.

Whereas persistent cookies are stored as a file on your computer and remain there even after you close your web browser. This cookie can be read by us when you revisit our website.

Cookies can also be categorised as follows:

Strictly necessary cookies: These are the cookies that allow you to use the website effectively when buying a service or product which is why these cannot be turned off. You wouldn’t have been able to access the service provided by our website were these cookies not present or were turned off. These cookies are used for marketing purposes and do not collect information about you.

Performance cookies: These are the cookies that allow us to keep a track of the performance of our website and thereby improve it. They enable us to identify which section of the website is popular, what were the traffic sources and number of visits on the website.

Functionality cookies: In addition to enabling our website to remember the choices made by visitors, these cookies also provide enhanced features. For example, we may be able to provide updates and news relevant to the service that visitors use. They may also be used to offer services you have indirectly asked for. This can be commenting on a blog or viewing a video. The data or information that these cookies gather, is usually anonymised.

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions or questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.