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Go Go Cleaners in Bristol share 5 Top Tips for cleaning your oven and hob!

By October 18, 2012September 17th, 2018News

Is your oven in need of a good clean? The Go Go cleaners in Bristol share 5 Top Tips!
To Clean up any spills in the oven – Sprinkle some salt and cinnamon over the spill. This stops the house from filling with that acrid smoky smell and the spill will be easy to lift off with a spatula
Forget specialist oven cleaners, for an inexpensive alternative – Put your oven on warm for about two minutes then turn it off. Place a small dish of full-strength household ammonia on the top shelf and a large pan of boiling water on the bottom shelf and leave overnight. In the morning, open the oven and air for a while before washing down with soapy water. This will remove even hard, baked on grease.
Another way to avoid using toxic oven cleaners – Sprinkle the oven with water and bicarbonate of soda then start scrubbing. This also works well on baths.
To clean your hob – Try white vinegar, not only does it bring up a nice shine, but it will eliminate persistent cooking smells too.
Cleaning a grotty roasting tin – With a solution of washing soda and water boiled up in the tin. Rinse and then dry in a cool oven. (Not aluminium or non-stick)
Good Luck!